Fresh, Clean, Healthy Water.  What’s Not to Like?

From time to time we all cut corners.

Your child drops a cookie on the floor, you pick it up in under 5 seconds, and thus declare it fit to eat.

You’ve spent the past two hours preparing Sunday dinner, only to discover at the last minute that you forgot to buy the cheese topping to finish off your baked pasta. No harm, no foul, right?

Well, what about the quality of your water?  Is a trace odor of chlorine okay with you, especially since no one’s complaining? Can you live with the spotting you see on dishes and glasses fresh out of the dishwasher? Or, right to the heart of things, does your water taste “funny” and you’re just chalking it up to a city-wide problem?

Want our advice?  Don’t give tainted water the benefit of the doubt. Have it inspected because, where’s there’s one problem, there are bound to be others.

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The Benefits of Filtered Water

With a whole-house water filter, you can stop all the worrying and enjoy the better taste and quality it provides, including these:

  • Purified water from every water source in your home
  • Reduced reliance on bottled water, and that’s great news for the eco-system
  • No more hard water symptoms, like dry skin, shortened water heater life, internal pipe corrosion, mineral build-up around water fixtures, and so many more
  • No acidic water problems either, like green stains in your toilet, problems with your teeth, several child-related health issues like kidney and liver disease
  • Contaminant free water for all around improved health
  • Better tasting, better smelling
  • Cleaner, whiter clothes

We could keep going, but you get idea. As in, there’s simply no substitute for a year-round supply of filtered water – the very thing Best Choice Plumbers can provide, starting with a free water test to determine any water quality issues you might be facing.

Point-of-Use Water Filter | Single Use Water Filter

If you’re generally satisfied with the quality of your water but want the added certainty that you’re drinking and cooking with only the best, we have just the thing – an under-the-sink water filter.

Chances are you’ve seen them before. You walk into a kitchen and, instead of two faucets (or a combined hot and cold water model), you find an extra faucet a little off to the side. And there you have it – a dedicated tap connected directly to an under-sink filter enabling you to pour filtered water when you want it, and regular tap water the rest of the time.

Under-sink filtration tanks come in different sizes so there’s enough clean water to go around for every family. Or, maybe you want two under-sink filters: one for your kitchen sink and one for your bar sink.

When it comes to the best in home water quality, Best Choice Plumbers gives you plenty of options. Not to mention all the skill and experience required to install, maintain, and repair your system as needed.

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